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Inbound study abroad and exchange students spend a semester or year at Temple as part of their degree program at their home university. To attend Temple as a Study Abroad or Exchange student, your first and most essential step is to be nominated by your home university to participate in a study abroad, exchange, or study abroad-exchange hybrid program.

Application Process

  1. Your home university must nominate you.
  2. Global Programs will contact you with an application link and instructions.
  3. Create an online account and application, and submit your supplemental documents as PDF files.
  4. Global Programs will review and approve your application.
  5. Global Programs will mail acceptance packet and arrival/orientation information to your home university.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: April 1
  • Spring: October 15


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Kristýna Pokorná

International Area Studies | Charles University

"There was not a single day I regret going there and if I could I would grab every opportunity and comeback to study at Temple again."

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