1. Arrive & Check-In

When you arrive in Philadelphia, go straight to your pre-arranged housing.  If you are living on campus, we will communicate your designated check-in date and time. If you will be arriving before you can move into the residence halls, you will have to find your own temporary housing.

After you arrive at your housing, visit the online immigration check-in to complete your online immigration check-in.

2. Open a bank account 

For convenience, you probably want to open an account with a U.S. bank, especially if you'll be staying at Temple for a semester or longer. Multiple banks have locations on and near Main Campus. Explore your options before choosing where to open a bank account. To open an account, you'll need your TUid and passport.

3. Get a SIM card or cell phone

You need access to a working cell phone while in the U.S., particularly in case of emergency.  Many U.S. cell phone companies provide short-term plans and pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

4. Buy/rent your textbooks

Some of your classes may require you to purchase or rent textbooks. You'll likely find all of your books for sale or rent at the Temple University Campus Bookstore.

5. Pay your tuition bill

For questions regarding your tuition bill or payment options, please contact the Office of the Bursar.

6. Use your TUmail account

Once you are enrolled, Temple University faculty and staff will contact you through your Temple email account. Because email is Temple’s official form of communication, you are responsible for any information sent by email. Please check your TUmail account daily.

If you have problems with any of your Temple accounts or systems, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.