Explore what our alumni have to say about their Global Programs experience and learn how their Temple degree has helped them enhance their professional skills, advance their career, and find success.

Picture of Fang Shikai

Fang Shikai

Master's Degree: Computer Science | Current Position: PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Utah

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Picture of Ching Shih

Ching Shih

Master’s Degree: Investment Management | Current Position: Compliance Analyst at BlackRock - Philadelphia

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Picture of Futao Lu

Futao Lu

Master's Degree: Economics | Current Position: Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics - Zhejiang, China

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Picture of Dehua Lai

Dehua Lai

Master's Degree: Electrical and Computer Engineering | Current Position: Senior Machine Learning Engineer II at Compass - Seattle, USA

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Picture of Bob Mantel

Bob Mantel

Master's Degree: Sport Business | Current Position: Manager Sports Marketing at Adidas - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Picture of Younggeun Lee

Younggeun Lee

Master's Degree: Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship | Current Position: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at California State University, Los Angeles

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