Ching Shih Holding a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bar

Home University: Tunghai University
Master’s Degree: Investment Management
Current Position: Compliance Analyst at BlackRock, Philadelphia

Why did you choose Temple University’s DBMD program? What advantages does DBMD offer you over other graduate programs?
The reason I chose Temple's DBMD program was because Temple's Fox School of Business has a good reputation in the world. Moreover, they are always willing to answer my questions quickly during the application process. This showed me that the university staff provides good service and they care about individual professional development for students. I had no regrets studying with Temple's DBMD Program.

DBMD also provides a strong support system for international students while they are in the US. When I arrived at school, they brought us to buy furniture and food and assisted us with our living situations, which made me feel a sense of belonging. Second, they invited us to various activities. I attended an etiquette dinner event, where I started to practice my networking skills with alumni and professionals. They also host different activities to explore American life, like a camping trip, Thanksgiving dinner, picnics, and more. Also, they hosted different cultural festival celebrations such as the Lunar New Year and the Autumn Moon Festival, which helped me to not feel lonely in this foreign place.

When I had questions about my Ph.D. application, the faculty under DBMB program with a similar background provided me with great advice about the program, research techniques, the right way to write an essay, and the other resources that I can use on campus.

How has studying abroad for your master’s degree enhanced your skills and experience? 
There are many advantages to studying abroad for my master's degree. It provided a great environment to polish my English. Also, I know how the finance industry works in the US, and my understanding of finance (my bachelor's degree) combined with accounting (my master's degree) largely enhanced my capability in the finance industry.

What are your career plans? 
My short-term plan is to find a finance position in the US that combines accounting and finance. Moreover, my exploration has inspired me to pursue accounting or finance academic research as a career path. I believe this will help me reach my goals to become a professor of accounting in the future. I plan to focus on researching either accounting behavior, finance behavior or executive compensation.

How will Temple help you achieve your career plans?
The faculty members in the Fox School of Business have great academic backgrounds. I can attend different seminars, learn how to develop hard skills on academic research, and get valuable feedback when I talk to them about my career path. My professors with experience in the finance industry are more than happy to provide practical knowledge, knowledge on new trends in the industry, internship opportunities, and industry connections. Being a member of a professional association on campus is also a great chance to network with industry professionals and with other students.