The City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Did you know that Philadelphia’s nickname is the City of Brotherly Love? As the sixth-largest city in the country and the second-largest on the East Coast, you will find Philadelphia a place where the excitement of a large city meets the familiarity of a small town. Famous as the birthplace of freedom, the city has many American historical landmarks, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, and more. At every turn, discover Philadelphia's many cultural, culinary, and artistic treasures. Read more about all you can do in Philadelphia.


Enjoy Philadelphia’s vibrant restaurant scene, with top chefs from around the world. If you prefer to cook yourself, you can find a wide variety of markets and grocery stores throughout the city. Read more about places to eat and buy food.

Best of all, you will find Philadelphia's compact downtown means all of its attractions are within a short subway ride from Temple University. If you have family or friends coming to visit, check here for information on places to stay. For more info on Philadelphia and the many exciting activities you can do here, see the official visitor and travel website, Visit Philadelphia.

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Younggeun Lee

MS in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship | Hanyang University

"The best place in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was thrilled when I saw the Rocky statue, Rodin sculptures and the Love statue."

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So much here and closeby.

Along with the wonders of Philadelphia, you can also explore New York City (130 km away), Washington D.C. (200 km away), the nearby beaches of New Jersey and the mountains in Pennsylvania and New York.

Bell tower on a rainy day

Philadelphia Weather

Philadelphia has four seasons.

  • Spring (March-May) includes a mix of sunny and rainy weather. The temperature usually ranges from 34-73°F (1-23°C).
  • Summer (June-August) is hot and humid. The temperature usually ranges from 63-87°F (17-31°C).
  • Fall (also known as autumn) falls between September and November with the temperature usually ranging from 39-77°F (4-25°C).
  • Winter is cold and sometimes snowy. The temperature usually ranges from 24-44°F (-4-7°C).

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