Photo of Younggeun Lee

Home University: Hanyang University
Bachelor’s Degree: Business Administration
Master’s Degree: Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at California State University, Los Angeles

Why I chose Temple/the DBMD Program:
A Hanyang professor introduced me to the program and I met Temple staff when they visited Hanyang. Temple had the best major for me and I became the first Korean DBMD student.

What Temple taught me:
Temple’s business courses were intensive even though I studied business at Hanyang. Every semester here, I took nine classes to finish the graduate curriculum in one year. It wasn’t easy. I had endless readings, assignments, presentations and quizzes. But by mastering my courses, I developed myself.

My advice:
I strongly recommend the program. It saved me money and time and I learned from prominent professors and studied with the best students.

What surprised me:
I was surprised by the diversity of the U.S.--everything from the culture to the people to the food. It’s always amazing to see and experience new things.

How Temple differs from my home university:
Both Hanyang and Temple University are great schools. The biggest difference is that there are more international students here. Also, classes are more interactive. I’ve learned a lot from sharing, listening and respecting fellow students’ thoughts. Also, I was stunned to see the close relationship between professors and students.

Favorite location and food in Philadelphia:
The best place in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was thrilled when I saw the Rocky statue, Rodin sculptures and the Love sculpture. Philadelphia cheesesteaks are like putting bulgogi on bread with cheese. I also really enjoy American steaks, sushi, ramen and burgers.

Favorite Temple activity:
My favorite place at Temple is Beury Beach--the lawn in front of the library. There are chairs where people can sit and relax when the weather is nice. I love sitting there and listening to music and reading books on a nice day.

My future plans:
My long-term goal is to be a professor in the U.S., become an acknowledged business scholar and work towards a better world. I want to contribute to the field of strategy by writing books, translating and introducing renowned scholars’ books to Korea.