Home University: University of Science and Technology of China
Master’s Degree Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Current Position: Senior Machine Learning Engineer II at Compass - Seattle, Washington

Why did you choose Temple University’s DBMD program? What advantages does DBMD offer you over other graduate programs?

A major reason is that the DBMD program saves me at least one year to get a master's degree. As an engineer, I feel that real industry experience is quite important. I also wanted to complete my master's degree and start writing code for real-world projects as soon as possible. 

What did you like about your program of study? 

  1. Working in the Image Processing and Recognition Lab really helped me sharpen my skill in coding and computer algorithms, which are the fundamental skills for my career.   

  2. The professors here are nice and always want to help.

  3.  I met great friends on campus. 

How did your experience at Temple University prepare you for the job market? 

I have acquired the knowledge and technical skills that are absolutely required in the market. More importantly, I was trained to be a better learner. Therefore, I can quickly pick up new skills in the job. 

How did Temple professors, advisors, or on-campus resources help you with your career?

I was referred by Temple alumni, who had been working in the same lab with me, to my previous company, AiCure. 

Please tell us about your professional experience since you completed your program. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

I joined AiCure in 2012. I was their seventh employee and have seen them grow from the size of less than 10 to over 150 people. 

The most exciting part about working for a small company is that I can do so many things in a short time.  I developed the software on both Android and iOS devices,  as well as on the cloud. Usually, these are three totally different positions in other companies. I have been awarded several US patents while developing the software. I've learned a wide range of technical skills, and I've also learned how to run a company from scratch. 

Joining Microsoft is a completely different experience. I can work with a lot of world-class engineers; use the super computational power and the huge amount of data to build the most cutting-edge technology. The fact that the code I write could literally be used by millions of people is exciting.