Headshot of Bob Mantel Standing on Main Campus

Home University: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Master’s Degree Program: Sport Business
Current Position: Manager Sports Marketing at Adidas, Amsterdam

Why did you decide to participate in the DBMD program?
I have always had the ambition to pursue a master's degree in Sport Business. When the University of Amsterdam and Temple University became partners, I decided to take this opportunity, mainly because Temple has a great reputation and a high-rated Sport Business program. 

What are the biggest advantages of the program, and how will DBMD assist in making your career plan possible?
I strive to work in the sport events industry. Eventually, I hope to be involved with the organization of the Olympic Games. DBMD allows me to gain international experience in my preferred industry and helps me to improve my English skills as well. I never regretted my choice to participate in the DBMD program and would recommend anyone to get out of your comfort zone and jump into a great new opportunity.