Photo of Damaris Hagan Standing in front of the TECH Center

Home University: University of Hamburg, Germany
Master's Degree: Psychology
Post-Graduation Plans: Conducting doctoral studies or working as a management consultant

Why did you choose Temple University? 
Temple was the most attractive partner university of the University of Hamburg since it has a broad spectrum of subjects which allows me to take classes beyond those offered at my university.

What has your experience been like? 
I feel that I am a member of a very cohesive community. Temple is diverse and students are proud to be a part of that diversity!

What do you like about your program of study? 
It offers a very diverse range of classes which differ a lot from those at my home university. I also like having the chance to take classes from other departments.

What are your professors like? 
Professors are very engaged, but one, Dr. Hanatula, who teaches the class “Human Performance Improvement,” has been particularly helpful to me. His class covers exactly what I want to do for my career. He is an active consultant and I know I can learn a lot from him.

Are you part of any clubs or organizations on campus? 
I joined the Taekwondo Club as well as the International Student Association.

What are your favorite activities in Philadelphia? 
I love exploring the city by bike. I just discovered the area around the Schuykill River, which is perfect for running and biking.

How has being an international student enhanced your college experience? 
It has helped me leave my comfort zone and explore those things outside of what I have known so far. This has broadened my horizons and enabled me to understand other international students from different cultures. Also, understanding other perspectives will be helpful in my future career.

How has Temple helped ease your transition? 
Global Programs staff and academic advisors did an amazing job orientating me both prior to my arrival and once I was at Temple. I really appreciate that.

What is your advice for future Global Programs students? 
This is a great place with numerous opportunities- use them!