Headshot of Kristýna Pokorná

Home University: Charles University, Czech Republic
Major: International Area Studies
Post-Graduation Plans:  Graduate school

Why did you choose to study at Temple University? What advantages did Temple offer you over other Study Abroad and Exchange programs?
I decided to go Temple because I wanted to study in a big city across the ocean. I did not want to stay in Europe, because I think that the education system is more or less the same in many European countries and I wanted to experience something different. Temple offers thousands of interesting courses. Philadelphia is a beautiful city close to other big cities, so the location is really good. Plus, Temple is a big university with diverse surroundings. It was my first and only choice and I do not regret it!

What is your favorite thing about going to school in Philadelphia and at Temple? Do you have a favorite pastime?
My favorite thing about Temple University is definitely the campus. It is like a small city in the city of Philadelphia and the vibe that the campus has is just amazing. Several times I was just hanging around campus, chilling at the Beury Beach (yes, there is a “beach” on campus), and the school band passed by playing Beyoncé songs or the Temple dance team was dancing in front of the Bell Tower. Also, Temple is such a diverse community and I absolutely love being a part of it. I met people from places that I did not even know existed. And Philadelphia? I am still not over how beautiful the city is. My favorite parts are definitely Fishtown and South Street. It is so different from Europe and I love it!

How has studying abroad enhanced your university experience?
I think this semester influenced me more than I actually expected. I got out of my comfort zone and experienced a different educational system. I was studying fully in English for the first time of my life and I had to speak publicly several time – which I used to hate before. What I value the most is that I stopped being nervous speaking English and meeting new people!

What are your career plans? 
After I graduate, I want to continue for my master's degree. During the semester at Temple, I realized I want to study something related to business and economics. 

How has Temple University made you more competitive in the job market (e.g., internship and volunteer opportunities, research projects, networking, etc.)?
I think every future employer will appreciate the fact that I have a study abroad experience. I took classes that are not even offered back home, I worked on several projects that I could put into my portfolio and also, it shows that I can work in a diverse surrounding.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience so far at Temple University and being a part of Global Programs?
Before I came I was strictly against the cliché that exchange programs and study abroad experience will change my life, will open my eyes and make me a different person. It is hard to admit to all my friends that used to say that, but it is true. I believe that this semester taught me a lot. There was not a single day I regret going to Temple and if I could, I would grab every opportunity and come back to study at Temple again.