Photo of Alan Lu

Home University: National Sun Yat-sen University

Undergraduate Degree: Foreign Languages and Literature

Master’s Degree Program: Media Studies and Production

Post-Graduation Plans: Get an internship in the US and start my career back in Taiwan

Why did you choose to study at Temple University?

Temple is famous for its media-related programs, including Media Studies and Production as well as Journalism, which I’ve taken interest in for a long time. I also heard that Temple has very diverse faculty members and students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Learning in a friendly and inclusive environment could be inspiring and motivating at the same time. Besides, Philadelphia’s historical city vibe appeals to me. Getting to know and explore this city is an invaluable opportunity. That’s why Temple is my first choice when it comes to grad school.

What has it been like to be a Temple University student?

I feel very comfortable learning as a student at Temple. The main reason is that Temple's faculty is dedicated to creating a better learning environment for their students. The Global Programs office is always responsive whenever students encounter difficulties or problems. They are incredibly nice! My master’s program also provides academic assistance whenever needed. These all show that Temple is a school that cares about its students.


What do you like about your program of study? 

As an MSP grad student, I am given huge freedom to explore my interests and careers in the program. I can choose to either delve into the academic field or gain more hands-on experiences in the production courses. Besides, a praiseworthy benefit of being an MSP Master’s student is I can take many courses outside of my programs that also count towards my course credits. This allows me to expand my professional skills and at the same time building rapport with people in the media field.

How has being an international student enhanced your graduate program experience?

I have the ability to compare my learning experiences in my home country to the ones in the States. Intercultural learning and communication always allows me to learn from people of different social backgrounds and makes me a more accepting person. In class discussions, I can also share my opinions from an Asian point of view. The schoolwork also largely enhances my English skills.

How will being an international student help you in advancing your career?

Besides my bilingual skills, being an international student familiarizes me with expertise in both the States and my hometown. I get to learn from both sides and will be able to look upon the related fields and issues from a broader perspective. Also, being an international student makes me a more independent and active person when it comes to problem-solving. 

How would you describe the Temple University community? 

Vigorous, friendly, and modern.

What would you want potential DBMD students to know about Temple University?

Temple offers rich academic resources for students who would like to pursue a higher academic goal, at the same time providing many ways to build your networks in your field. Students are free to be either academically or career-oriented at school. It is absolutely safe to live or walk around the campus neighborhood. And Philly is definitely worth visiting!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience so far at Temple University and being a part of the DBMD program?

One interesting thing about studying in America is that American people are mostly outgoing and talkative, even in class. So trying to speak in public and voice your opinions are essential to learning in this country. Seizing every moment and opportunity to reach your academic and career goals is highly valued in American society.