Maria Gabriela (Gabi) Perez Mayz

Name: Maria Gabriela (Gabi) Perez Mayz

Home University: University of Oviedo

Major: English and Linguistics 

Post-Graduation Plans: Masters Degree in Comparative Literature 


Why did you choose to study at Temple University? What advantages did Temple offer you over other Study Abroad and Exchange programs?

I chose Temple University because it is a prestigious college in the middle of a city that is surrounded by other prestigious universities. The location of Temple allows students to explore the city of Philadelphia, and other nearby big cities, such as New York and Washington D.C. 

What is your favorite thing about going to school in Philadelphia and at Temple? Do you have a favorite pastime (e.g., visiting museums, going to concerts, trying new food, etc.)?

My favorite part about going to Temple is its classes. I took a Creative Writing class that I wouldn’t have been able to take at my home university, and from then on, I enjoy creative writing as a pastime. Also, I like walking around Philadelphia since it is a multicultural and historical city. 

How has studying abroad enhanced your university experience?

Studying abroad has expanded my vision of the world; especially in a city as diverse as Philadelphia. 

What are your career plans? 

I would like to get my Masters Degree in Comparative Literature in an American university. I would like to become a writer, and a professor of literature at some point. 

How has Temple University made you more competitive in the job market (e.g., internship and volunteer opportunities, research projects, networking, etc.)?

I feel like Temple is a very career oriented university. Here, I have had to work in group research projects that have given me the skills that I would need if I ever go into research. Also, this semester I’m taking an independent study with one of my linguistics professors, which is an experience that my home university does not offer.