Michael Ke

Hi, I'm Michael. Some of my friend also call me “Winner” because the pronunciation of my Chinese name is exactly the same as winner. I’ll be studying at Temple University for the upcoming spring semester as an exchange student.

I’m a political science major from Taiwan, a beautiful island located in East Asia. There are a lot of magnificent mountains, as well as the ocean. I would love to share the beauty of Taiwan with international students, which I believe is an important part of an exchange program.

The American culture has had a great impact during my upbringing. I love all kinds of sports and the US is the kingdom of professional sport. Kobe is my all-time favorite athlete and attended high school in Philadelphia. That’s actually a major reason why I applied for Temple.

I enjoy traveling a lot and I can’t wait to explore in the US. Meanwhile, I look forward to having a deeper understanding about the diversity of American society. The US is just like a melting pot of cultures. We get to meet people from all around the world on campus. It’s definitely amazing to learn more about people who come from completely different regions. All in all, I’m looking forward to sharing my adventure in the US on the blog!

Position: Global Programs Blogger 
Home University: National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Program: Exchange
Majors: East Asian Studies
Term: Spring 2022

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