Ting Hsuan (Grace) Chiang Making Peace sign with her fingers

Home University: National Taiwan Normal University
Master’s Degree Program: Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Post-Graduation Plans: Work in the U.S.

Why did you choose Temple University’s DBMD program? What advantages does DBMD offer you over other graduate programs?
Firstly, Temple's DBMD program provides scholarships that provide good benefits for me. DBMD also offers an option for us to enter graduate school early and finish our academics within 5 years. Last but not least, the DBMD program offers an independent approach for us to apply.

How has studying abroad for your master’s degree enhanced your skills and experience? 
Personally, I planned to study abroad for my master's degree a few years ago. I think studying abroad is an irreplaceable experience. I feel that I am very suitable for the US environment. I love the US because I did my exchange program here a year ago. During this journey, I learned to tackle everything that pops up in my life. I became more independent and mature. Also, most importantly, I've learned to interact with a variety of people which not only improves my communication skills, but also allows me to see the world differently and embrace cultural differences Meeting various people from various countries, I feel like I can make connections throughout the world.

What are your career plans? 
I plan to do an externship in Europe next summer. For my last semester, I would like to participate in CPT to do an internship in California. After graduation, I hope to take advantage of OPT and work for a company that can sponsor my work visa. Starting my career in the US, I hope to learn as much as I can to make myself my own boss in the near future.

How will Temple help you achieve your career plans?
I think Temple provides a great amount of resources for us as students to use, as well as alumni. I think it provides great networking for students to get in touch with alumni or entrepreneurs. Also, Temple provides internship opportunities that help us to enter the workplace with additional experience. I think there are a lot of helpful resources we can access easily.