Photo of Yu-Yu (Yolanda) Chien standing in front of Niagara Falls

Home University: Tamkang University
Major: International Business
Post-Graduation Plans: Continue to study in a graduate school

Why did you choose to study at Temple University? What advantages did Temple offer you over other Study Abroad and Exchange programs?
There are numerous reasons why I chose Temple University for my exchange program. First, the Fox School of Business at Temple University is a comprehensive business school, and it provides abundant resources and support for students. Definitely, as a student majoring in International Business, I hoped to learn and meet different people in Fox. Second, Temple University is in Philadelphia, which is the 6th largest City in the U.S. I wanted to live in and explore a beautiful and historic city like Philadelphia. Moreover, the city has an advantageous geographical location and good public transportation; It is convenient for people to travel! 

What is your favorite thing about going to school in Philadelphia and at Temple? Do you have a favorite pastime (e.g., visiting museums, going to concerts, trying new food, etc.)?
Temple is just a few minutes away from Center City, and students can easily take SEPTA or Uber there. Center City has a nice atmosphere to enjoy and relax. One of my favorite places is Reading Terminal Market. I always buy some fresh ingredients there and cook at my dorm. 

How has studying abroad enhanced your university experience?
Studying abroad has enabled me to become more independent. In order to experience as much as possible with this unique opportunity, I keep challenging my limits, acting more courageously and differently than I did before. The most difficult but inspiring aspect would be in academics. Although I spent much time learning and studying, I achieved a lot with this hard work.

What are your career plans? 
After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to do a master’s degree in finance. Finance will be a beneficial option for me to land a role in a finance-related job. I hope to develop my professional skills and gain experiences, looking for any career opportunities in any industry I can think of.

How has Temple University made you more competitive in the job market (e.g., internship and volunteer opportunities, research projects, networking, etc.)?
Temple University provides various resources for students, and students make good use of them. I believe Temple is an amazing place for students to become competitive in the job market. For example, since the first semester of my exchange year, I have been doing an internship with two professors at Temple. Due to this opportunity, I've had a chance to learn different subjects and obtain skills for doing research. I appreciate so much that my professors gave me the opportunity, and it is absolutely an awesome experience!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience so far at Temple University and being a part of Global Programs?
Having an exchange year at Temple was the most transformative experience for me. Mentally and emotionally, I endeavor to step outside my comfort zone, immersed in a diverse culture. It has enabled me to broaden my horizon and develop my critical thinking. It was great to be a part of Global Programs because I met a lot of friends. We explored, learned, and had fun together. In addition, I appreciate so much that Global Programs at Temple supports international students in every aspect! I would like to say thank you again to the people in Global Programs. You are the best!